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Save valuable time by streamlining the process of preparing your Certified Mail by using our Web Certified Mail system. Track all of your Certified Mail quickly and efficiently in one centralized location. Import an address list and print your Certified Mail forms in minutes instead of hours. Our solution complies with the 2016 USPS Certified Mail changes.

The Web Certified Mail system is simple to use and can be setup in less than 5 minutes. Print our Certified Mail labels from any printer in your office. Just go to or click on the Web Certified Service button above to register. With the Web Certified System, you can manage your Address Book, Copy/Paste addresses from your Word Processor, Import address lists for mass mailings, Track all of your Certified Mail on one screen, and view your digital signatures(when using Certified Mail Electronic Return Receipt). The software is completely free and available for use 24/7. More Info

Certified Mail


With the fast pace of business today, streamlining your basic accounting tasks isn't just a luxury—it's a necessity. TransForm Check Self Mailers enable you to print a check, voucher and envelope in just OnePass through any non-impact printer, no separate label or envelope needed. Then, a quick lift, fold, and seal turns our form into a secure, professional-looking mail piece that's ready for postage and mailing. This simplified process not only saves you time; it helps ensure that every check gets exactly where it needs to go. Issuing checks has never been more innovative, or easier! More Info

Tax Form Self Mailers

Self mailer tax forms for non-impact printers have finally arrived. Forget the hassle of expensive matching envelopes. Forget about pre-printed quantities that have to be thrown away at the end of each tax year. Laser Substrates cannot take the sting out of taxes, but we can offer convenience, economy and speed in reporting.More Info 1040 ES or 1040 V and state versions may now be printed with an optional payment check, signature, form, and even postage in one-pass through any printer. 1099 & W2 forms are printed more efficiently on ready-to-mail self-mailers. Print seamlessly from any Windows based
accounting or tax preparers software.